Olorin launches new 55" for marine use

Date added 03/11/2017
Olorin MarineLine ML550G is a 4K resolution monitor with wide color spectrum and high quality video chip.
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Olorin at Röntgenveckan 2017 in Linköping

Date added 24/08/2017
Olorin presented several products at Röntgenveckan 2017 in Linköping, thanks to everyone who visited our booth! For more information about Röntgenveckan, visit:
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Olorin's office unmanned between 10 - 21 of July

Date added 22/06/2017
Olorin's office unmanned between 10 - 21 of July, we will be available via telephone but if you can't reach us please contact Olorin via e-mail.
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