Bytec Novos 2000 mounting arm

Bytec Novos Arm range offers you a complete mounting solution, including fixed adapters, arms, mounting options and accessories. Engineered for strength, adaptability and ease of installation, the Novos modular mounting system includes a range of unique features.

Ideal at supporting  displays, panel PC’s and diagnostic equipment, the arms are also available with wall channels, pole mounts, rail adapters, fixing adapters and standard fixing mounts. Cables are contained within the Novos Arm, leaving you with a wire free, adjustable work area.

  • Low profile compact mounting system
  • Smooth profile for easy antibacterial cleaning
  • Integrated cable system, no wires
  • Adjustable features, for ergonomic designgn
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    Monitor arm
    Max weight

    Bytec Novos 2000 Arm

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