• Bytec Geni-Cart

Medical Height Adjustable Cart with Dual Battery Solution

The Geni-Cart is a light and versatile medical cart that is ideal for computing needs in a modern healthcare environment. Suitable for use in hospitals, GP surgeries, dental practices, and other clinical and medical environment, the Geni-Cart is based on the popular non-powered MIT-Cart range and integrates the award-winning Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System, creating an excellent powered cart that can mobilise medical equipment.

Hospital carts or COWs (computer on wheels) can be used to mobilise IT equipment or other medical equipment, making technology more flexible and accessible within medical environments.


  • Ergonomic, versatile and lightweight
  • Integrated battery system for quick "Snap and Go" battery changes on the move
  • Robust and easy-clean construction
  • Low friction castors and small footprint for easy manoeuvrability
  • Quick and easy cable management
  • Wide range of standard accessories, including medi-rail, baskets, hooks and handles

 Also available with a 4-wheel base or as a Laptop Cart.

Thumb File Name File Size Downloaded Action
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Battery Compartment
Height Adjustment Range
Input Main Power (Charging)
Lift Mechanism
Main Material
Max weight
Output Power
Work Surface

Bytec Geni-Cart

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